11698739_10206191039629221_420728208161181759_oThe Ottawa Quad Rollerskating Club is all about recreational rollerskating in Ottawa.

We are a registered not-for-profit organization devoted to making recreational rollerskating happen in Ottawa, whatever the season.

Whatever your  age, style or level, our community group is as inclusive as can be. Novice roller skaters, seasoned dance skaters, couples or families out for a spin, derby players who simply need to relax on their wheels, all are welcome.

You can simply purchase a ticket on Eventbrite and drop in.  We offer quad rentals, but if you own your own quads or inlines you are welcome to wear them (except for some rare partner programs, but we’ll specify if that is the case.)

We are strictly volunteer-run.  If you’d like to volunteer we are always looking for friendly, helpful faces.  All proceeds go to running our program of activities year-round. We do not own a skating facility (yet!) but make use of a variety of large venues in the City.

What we do:

-Weekly social rollerskating : Simply want to smile and  roll? Join our Ottawa Quad Sessions. We meet year-round on Friday nights (mostly) for two hours of skating  (9-10:45 pm September-May, 8-10 pm June-August) at varying locations. We quad to tunes.

-Special events and theme skates: Need to party on wheels?  Throughout the year, we throw  special themed sessions and roller parties, just for the fun of it. Keep checking our site. We also organize skating events with a variety of partners such as the City of Ottawa.

We made the news: check us out on CTV Morning Live.

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7 responses to “ABOUT

  1. Hi, my 13 and 15 yearling old daughters would like to skate indoors, is there a place on friday nights or saturdays for recreational rollerskating? In know everything is closed presently because of COVID but, usually is there a place and moment?

    • The city is offering skating at Jim Tubman Chev rink in the Canterbury neighbourhood right now. It is an outdoor covered rink.
      Our sessions usually run at Carleton U on Friday nights from 21-23:00 and so long as minors bring (and wear) a helmet and bring an adult they are welcome to join!

    • Minors are welcome at any session so long as they have helmets and a skating adult to accompany them. (assuming the event isn’t designated as 18+) We don’t offer any lessons, but you’ll find some great beginner and stretch content on YouTube!

  2. Where does do people meet for the outdoor skate? Is it still happening.
    I’m interested in joining.
    Thank you.

    • Hi! We don’t have any planned outdoor skates at the moment though I know CIB Ottawa is doing some ad hoc. If you want to roll, check out the parkways that the NCC has closed until Sept for a nice long stretch on the roadways. Have fun!

    • How can i join a skate friday nights? Are they happening regularly again?
      Will you have any outdoor events? Possibly at city hall pad?

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