Can I in-line skate or can I rent quad skates?
Yes to both.  Bring your own inline or quad skates, or book a pair of retro rentals with us via Eventbrite.  Please note: All bookings are online and must be reserved at least 24 hours before the skate.

Do I need protective gear?  
All beginners and juniors (-18yrs) joining us for a skate must wear head protection.  Otherwise, the call is yours, but it is strongly recommended.

Can I join an indoor session for only one evening?
Most certainly. Drop in fees are available for all sessions until we reach capacity. Book online at Eventbrite.

Are the indoor sessions kid friendly? 
They certainly are, but all junior quaders (-12) must be supervised by an adult on skates and must wear a properly fitted helmet.

Do you offer instruction? 
No we don’t, but there is always a lot of watch-and-learn going on.

What COVID-19 Protocols apply?
Currently, mask-on at admission/rental table, optional elsewhere. Stay home if unwell.  

Do you accommodate groups?
We don’t have facilities space of our own, but if your group would like to join one of our scheduled skates just book online via Eventbrite.  Alternately, if you have started to arrange facilities and sports insurance for a private event get in touch via email and we’ll see what we can line up for a bulk skate rental option.

How can I volunteer?
Contact the club by email and let us know how you are interested in helping (member of the executive, admissions, delivering rentals and equipment to our venues, skate floor monitor, promoter, etc.)  There may even be a snazzy yellow shirt in it for you!