To assist in fostering a safe skate for all, participants are required, as per OQRC’s COVID-19 protocol:

  • To wear a properly fitted mask (face covering) at admission and rentals, optional when skating.
  • Wherever possible, to practise physical distancing of two meters (six feet) from other skaters, attendees and facility employees.
  • To not attend if feeling unwell with any illness
  • Not to handle any of the event equipment (sound system, cones, etc.)
  • To abide by any instructions communicated by OQRC volunteers.

As per our regular Safe Quading Code, all participants are further expected:

  • To mitigate the inherent risks involved in the practice of rollerskating by considering wearing head and limb protection.
  • Not to consume or bring beverages and food on the skating area.
  • Not to skate counter to the direction practised by all skaters
  • To only skate in reverse if safety of others is not compromised.
  • To restrict all stop-and-go practices to the middle of the skating area.
  • To restrict skating to the learner’s area in the case of absolute novice skaters.